Ana-maria ramos

Primary Won!

Position Sought

Texas State House District 102



Date of Primary Election

March 6, 2018

Date of General Election

November 6, 2018

Texas State House District 102

Ana-Maria Ramos is running a grassroots campaign committed to fighting for all Texans. As a daughter of immigrants, she worked hard to build her small business and become both a family law attorney and college professor. She has shown her commitment to her community by donating her time to help people complete DACA paperwork, and as a MoveOn member herself, she personally co-hosted a MoveOn protest for Dreamers and has helped deliver petitions from DACA supporters to her congressperson's office. Ana-Maria will bring a progressive vision to the state legislature, where she will be a powerful voice for immigrant families, for strengthening public schools by empowering students and teachers, for ensuring access to affordable health care, and for enacting commonsense gun laws.

"I know Texas HD 102 because I was the Democratic candidate in 2016. Ana-Maria Ramos is the perfect candidate to represent and win HD 102. She has unmatchable energy, ethics, and knowledge. She will work to represent all constituents. Can't wait to attend her inauguration!"—Laura from Dallas

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