Jenn goulet

Primary Won!

Position Sought

Washington State House District 9, Position 1



Date of Primary Election

August 7, 2018

Date of General Election

November 6, 2018

Washington State House District 9, Position 1

Jenn is a dedicated community leader who has been striving for equality her entire adult life. Born and raised in southeastern Washington, Jenn has been working to make her community better. She has been volunteering since she was a child and currently sits on the boards of multiple nonprofit organizations working to improve southeastern Washington for everyone. She is running to bring affordable broadband, accessible health care, better economic development, and infrastructure investments to the region. She wants to improve educational outcomes for eastern Washington, ensure that its roads are safe, improving those that need to be (such as Highway 395, Route 14, and Route 26), and help bring new job opportunities to the area, while keeping the industries that already make the 9th Legislative District what it is.

"She is clearly the better candidate and will represent the people, not special interests." –Cherie from Pullman

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