Jess king

Position Sought

U.S. Congress Pennsylvania 11th District



Date of Primary Election

May 15

Date of General Election

Novmber 6, 2016

US Congress Pennsylvania District 11

Jess King is a working mom, small business champion, and a leader in local economic development. Jess was born and raised Leola, Pennsylvania. She attended CEastern Mennonite University. She later earned an MBA from Bard College. Like many Mennonites, her family made a commitment to unpaid voluntary service for the common good.She served as the founding Executive Director of the Union Project, an effort that restored an abandoned church into an arts and social enterprise incubator. Jess has spent her life in the trenches of our economy, rolling up her sleeves alongside Mennonites, refugees, and lifelong Pennsylvanians to build stronger communities and small businesses that provide a living wage and serve people and planet as much as profit. She lives in southeast Lancaster City with her two daughters and her husband Chad Martin.

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