Joanna cattanach

Position Sought

Texas State House District 108



Date of General Election

November 6, 2018

Texas State House, District 108

Joanna is a daughter of immigrants. She is also an educator, a former foster child, and a mother. She has over a decade of experience teaching journalism at the University of North Texas. Joanna began her journey as an activist on immigration issues and has shown up consistently to challenge the policies of the current presidency. She marched at the Women's March in 2017, fought against the Muslim Ban at DFW airport, led a charge to stop a Trump-branded hotel from being built in Dallas, and worked with affiliate organizations to rename her son's confederacy-named school. Joanna is running on a platform to reinvest in community college, workforce and trade education, to support public schools and not voucher programs that undercut students' educational opportunities, to encourage foster care and adoption by reforming Texas CPS, and to bring immigrant workers out of the shadows and to help Dreamers go to college. She has been endorsed by the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, Dallas AFL/CIO, the Central Labor Council, and Flippable.

"She embraces the ideals of our democracy: equality before the law, equality of opportunity, and equal rights for all. She eschews racism and xenophobia and will help us build a tolerant, multi-ethnic, and pluralistic society. I particularly like her position on education. QUALITY education is critical to democracy. It should be uniformly good across our society rather than a privilege reserved for the wealthy." –Beverly from Dallas

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