Abdullah hammoud

Position Sought

Michigan State House District 15



Date of General Election

November 6, 2018

Michigan State House District 15

Abdullah is a 28-year-old, Muslim, Arab-American legislator in Michigan who represents one of the highest concentrations of Arab Americans in the country. He was first elected to office in 2016 as one of the youngest state legislators to represent the state, and he is the first Arab American to hold this seat. As a first-time legislator, Abdullah responded to the Trump administration's Muslim Ban by introducing one of the largest legislative immigration civil rights packages in the country. He worked with organizations such as ACLU Michigan, Michigan United, the National Association of Social Workers, Emgage, and others to propose 16 bills and resolutions to expand and protect civil rights for immigrants in our country.

"I’m a white guy who has lived off and on in Dearborn for nearly 20 years. I’m sick of seeing the city ignorantly depicted in the media as being overrun by Sharia law. My Arab/Muslim neighbors have never been anything but kind and gracious. It would be nice to see a leader like Abdullah emerge to dispel the negative stereotypes." –Antal from Dearborn

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