Angie craig

Won Election!

Position Sought

U.S. Congress Minnesota 2nd District



Date of General Election

November 6, 2018

U.S. Congress Minnesota 2nd

Angie grew up in a family with lots of love but also plenty of hardship. Raised by a single mother in a mobile home park, she watched her mother strive to complete her teaching degree and raise three kids. Angie’s grandmother helped at home and worked in a union shoe factory to contribute. At times, her family didn’t have health insurance, and she watched as her mom struggled to pay the bills after her little sister needed hospital care. Like her mom, Angie worked two jobs to put herself through state college, with help from student loans. After graduation, she became a newspaper reporter and then rose over 15 years to eventually lead a workforce of 16,000 employees as head of global human resources for a major Minnesota manufacturer. Today, Angie is a mom to four amazing young men, three in college and one in high school. Angie is running for Congress to build a Minnesota for everyone, where every member of every family gets a fair shot at an outstanding education, the career training or retraining for a good job, and a better life. She will fight for the education, health care, job training, and infrastructure investments that will support thousands of new jobs. She’ll support businesses that hire Americans and will work to close loopholes for those that do not. Angie will support policies that reward people for their hard work, including and especially family farmers and small-business owners. She will fight for campaign finance reform, the right to organize and collectively bargain, reproductive rights, equal pay, and a living wage. Angie will work with anyone when we can make things better for Minnesotans and stand against anyone who’s trying to do harm.

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