Annisa karim

Position Sought

Florida State House District 28



Date of General Election

November 6, 2018

Florida State House District 28

Annisa Karim has lived in South Florida since her family immigrated when she was five years old. She is a wildlife ecologist and works for the Lee County Department of Parks & Recreation, managing twenty-five parks and preserves. She understands that in Florida, the environment is the economy. Annisa is the only candidate endorsed by the South Florida Clean Water Movement and is a founding member of Florida Candidates for Science, a group formed to highlight candidates committed to making policy decisions based on science. She is an alumna of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and has called for additional gun safety measures, including banning high-velocity assault weapons and large-capacity magazines, strengthening domestic violence restrictions by requiring proof that abusers have gotten rid of weapons, strengthening universal background checks, and implementing a more rigorous screening and training process for concealed carry permits. In addition to the South Florida Clean Water Movement, her endorsements include Florida Planned Parenthood PAC, Florida Democratic Environmental Caucus, Estero Candidate Screening Committee, Lee County LGBTQA Democratic Caucus, Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, Women's March Florida Candidate of Distinction, Sierra Club of Florida, Democratic Veterans Caucus of Florida, Moms Demand Action Candidate of Distinction, and the Clean Water Initiative.

"Yes, I have met Annisa Karim personally, and she is passionate about the environmental issues, knowledgeable about the law, and just the right candidate to take on this position in the Florida Senate." –Jodie from Naples

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