Brandon johnson

Primary Won!

Position Sought

Cook County Commissioner District 1



Date of Primary Election

March 20, 2018

Date of General Election

November 6, 2018

Cook County Commissioner District 1, Illinois

Brandon's people-powered campaign is channeling an inclusive vision that addresses economic disparities and injustices in Cook County. Brandon, a public school teacher and organizer, believes that everyone deserves safe neighborhoods, health care services, and the opportunity to earn a livable wage. He is running so Cook County doesn't have to see another budget season where the current incumbent uses pay-to-play politics to help wealthy corporations benefit while continuing to burden working-class families.

"Brandon Johnson knows the community and its people. He isn’t working deals to get himself ahead, but instead, he is focused on the best interests of the people in communities that have been neglected for too long. His fresh perspective can help bring real change for those who really need it."—Mary from Oak Park

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