Brianna titone

Position Sought

Colorado State House District 27



Date of General Election

November 6, 2018

Colorado State House District 27

Brianna is a scientist looking to bring science to the state capitol. She just won the Democratic nomination in the district on a platform of attainable housing, protecting our environment, and health care for all. Having started to work at age 14, Brianna understands the importance of unions and has vowed to oppose legislation that weakens their voice in the workplace. She is active in the community, serving as a volunteer firefighter, volunteering at the Denver Botanic Gardens, leading a campaign to end conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ youth, and, by partnering with other scientists through NecroSearch International, helping to bring closure to families that have lost their loved ones. As the progressive candidate in the race, Brianna is stepping up to be a powerful voice for the residents of Colorado. In addition to gaining the endorsement of MoveOn members, she has also been endorsed by a wide range of organizations and individuals, including Arvadans for Progressive Action, #VOTEPROCHOICE, the LGBTQ Victory Fund, Support JeffCo Kids, the Colorado Educators Association, the Colorado AFL-CIO, Run for Something, state Representatives Joe Salazar and Jessie Danielson, state Senator Dominick Moreno, U.S. Representatives Jared Polis, Ed Perlmutter, and Diana Degette, and many others in House District 27 and across the state of Colorado.

"She has an agenda that I like, she has experience in government, she has been endorsed by others who are in the state House, and I feel she will be an excellent representation of our community!"–Jane from Arvada

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