Chloe maxmin

Primary Won!

Position Sought

Maine State House District 88



Date of Primary Election

June 12, 2018

Date of General Election

November 6, 2018

Maine State House District 88

Chloe is a grassroots community organizer who co-runs Campaign Earth, a nonprofit dedicated to grassroots climate justice work in Maine. She is the founder of First Here, Then Everywhere, an organization that empowers youth climate activists, and is a board member of Terra Matters, a local group organizing Maine’s first Youth Climate Summit in 2018. She is a graduate of Harvard College, where she co-founded Divest Harvard, led the campaign for two years, and helped to grow the group from three people into a movement of more than 70,000.

"Chloe Maxmin combines extraordinary commitment, diligence, and organizing skills with a true heart full of passion for Maine and its people. Her consistency and integrity are unparalleled. Chloe Maxmin runs in the greatest tradition of Maine's elected officials, from Margaret Chase Smith to George Mitchell. She will be a dedicated and powerful state rep who advances the interests of the people in our district. Electing this candidate is a great opportunity for Maine's District 88." —Shoshana from Nobleboro

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