Deniantionette mazingo

Position Sought

California Assembly District 42



Date of General Election

November 6, 2018

California Assembly District 42

Deni fights for all people regardless of their circumstance and situation. She has been a part of the high-desert community since 2012 and is currently a practicing lawyer. She has spent countless hours creating a street ministry in the Hemet area, hitting the streets to provide food and clothing to the homeless living on the streets, in dark alleys, and sleeping on park benches. Deni advocates for people who cannot advocate for themselves. She spearheaded a campaign to reopen the rape crisis center in the Hemet Hospital. She is also fighting to create legislation to provide a program, using the funds set aside by Governor Brown, to contract with Habitat for Humanity to build affordable housing for the working poor within our community. As a Third District commissioner on the Riverside County Commission for Women, Deni established a program to educate young people about the dangers of human trafficking. In addition to MoveOn members, she has also been endorsed by a wide range of organizations and individuals, such as EMILY's List, the California Women's List, the California School Employees Association, the California Democratic Party, Lieutenant Governor (and gubernatorial candidate) Gavin Newsom, and many others in Assembly District 42 and across California.

"She shares my core values and has dedicated her life to acting on her beliefs. She is intelligent, thoughtful, open-minded, prudent, and compassionate. She understands the issues as few others do. She values the opinions of others and vows never to vote on any legislative proposal before hearing her constituents' thoughts on it." –Jennifer from Joshua Tree

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