Diana becton

Won Election!

Position Sought

Contra Costa County District Attorney, California



Date of Primary Election

June 5, 2018

Date of General Election

November 6, 2018

Contra Costa County District Attorney, California

Diana is a dedicated community activist committed to improving Contra Costa County communities. She is the appointed district attorney for Contra Costa County and is the first woman and first African American in the role in the 167-year history of the county. Additionally, she served as a judge in the county for 22 years, presiding over criminal, juvenile, civil, and consumer cases. She also was the president of the National Association of Women Judges, a leading advocate for female judges.

"Diana Becton brings a fresh perspective to the job of the top prosecutor in Contra Costa County. Too often, district attorneys look at poverty and skin color as criminal. Her background and experience have given her a point of view that sees people as human beings to be respected first and foremost. There are few lawbreakers who are beyond redemption, and Diana Becton recognizes that."—Kathryn from Richmond

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