Farrah khan

Won Election!

Position Sought

Irvine City Council, California



Date of Primary Election

June 5, 2018

Date of General Election

November 6, 2018

Irvine City Council, California

Farrah is committed to religious tolerance and community service. Farrah is a small-business owner and the executive director of a nonprofit working to expose people to a wide range of faiths and to grow tolerance for all. She has been an active volunteer with the Irvine Global Village Festival for the past eight years and is a Community Emergency Response Team volunteer with the Irvine Police Department. She also recently served as a Community Services commissioner, working to advocate for park space in Irvine.

"For far too many years, Irvine's city council has been dominated by people picked by and financially supported by Republicans from outside the area. Farrah Khan has been a tireless volunteer in the city and represents what is best about Irvine residents. She is the face of our diverse, civic-minded, informed, and active residents. When she previously ran for city council, she went to every door in the city, introducing herself and what she stands for, as well as allowed residents to ask her questions about her plans if elected. She would be a fresh face on a city council badly in need of new members."–Dana from Irvine

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