Johanna lópez

Won Election!

Position Sought

Orange County School Board District 2, Florida



Date of Primary Election

August 28, 2018

Date of General Election

November 6, 2018

Orange County School Board District 2, Florida

In 2016, Johanna became the first Latina to win the Teacher of the Year award from Orange County Public Schools. If elected to the school board, Johanna will continue to focus her priorities on students and teachers by addressing the education inequities that exist within the school system; providing support for teachers and staff that includes fair wages, improved working conditions, and additional professional growth opportunities; and ensuring that students are learning in an environment that is safe and free of bullying, violence, discrimination, and guns. As the progressive candidate in the race, Johanna is stepping up to be a powerful voice for the students, teachers, and parents in Orange County School Board District 2. In addition to being endorsed by MoveOn members in the district, Johanna has been endorsed by the Central Florida AFL-CIO, SEIU Florida, #VOTEPROCHOICE, Florida National Organization of Women (NOW), and the Orange County Classroom Teachers Association (OCCTA).

"She is the most passionate, most genuine human being and candidate running for the position of school board. She will do what it takes to promote and guarantee equal opportunity for all students. Not to mention that she is an unapologetic individual who gives her all to the cause which she outlines in her platform and the manner in which her campaign is run. She is a role model, leads by example, and constantly strives to inspire youth; she is truly an altruistic individual. There are many reasons to vote for her for this endorsement." –Giovanna from Orlando

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