Lee harris

Won Election!

Position Sought

Shelby County Mayor, Tennessee



Date of Primary Election

August 2, 2018

Date of General Election

November 6, 2018

Shelby County Mayor, Tennessee

Lee is an inspiring champion for Tennessee's working poor. His goal is to uplift 50,000 Shelby County residents from poverty by expanding pre-K, expanding apprenticeship and job training opportunities for students, attacking blight in declining neighborhoods, and maintaining a stable and vibrant hospital in Shelby County. In 2014, Lee was elected to the state Senate, becoming the youngest senator in the state of Tennessee. Other Democratic senators selected him as Senate minority leader, making him the first African-American leader of the state Senate in Tennessee history. While in the state Senate, he pushed for treatment coverage for people with sickle cell anemia, advocated for new laws to protect children from abuse, championed new laws to reform the state’s criminal justice system, and worked to expand community college scholarships for students with learning disabilities.

"Lee Harris is the right person for the top job in Shelby County. While the City of Memphis is the poorest Metropolitan area in the United States and resources are being disproportionately allocated throughout the county, Lee Harris is the only candidate in this race that has directly addressed this injustice adequately. Through his platform on more access to Vo-Tech, investing in universal pre-K, and county funding for quality public transit, we can have real hope for lifting folks out of poverty. Not only that, he goes past the tired 'tough on crime' approach and has started a real conversation about getting to the root of crime: lack of quality education and meaningful opportunity. Lee Harris is not about locking more people up and furthering segregation; he is truly about bringing a message of and making movement towards real unity and justice in Shelby County." –Alex from Memphis

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