Marggie castellano

Position Sought

California State Senate District 36



Date of General Election

November 6, 2018

California State Senate 36

Marggie is a community activist and immigrant who wants to bring new ideas to the table. She has fought against the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and against the Iraq War. She has promoted Medicare for All and is pushing for tuition-free public education at all levels, affordable housing, equal pay, clean and renewable energy, and immigration reform. She wants to bring her 25 years of leadership and international management experience as a businesswoman and as a science documentary producer to the table to work for the betterment of those in California and Senate District 36.

"Ms. Castellano is an excellent progressive candidate who represents our voices and policies to continue moving California forward as a sustainable economy. As a resident who cares about safety, health, education, equality, quality of life in our communities, and supports policies to address climate change, immigration, health care for all, Ms Castellano has my confidence."–Alessandra from Oceanside

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