Perry gershon

Position Sought

U.S. Congress New York 1st District


New York

Date of Primary Election

June 26, 2018

Date of General Election

November 6, 2018

US Congress New York 1

After graduating from Yale in 1984, Perry founded one of New York’s first sports bars for fellow Mets, Jets, Knicks, and Islanders fans (and occasional Yankees, Giants, and Rangers fans) and followed with a 25-year career as a lender to commercial real estate. In his private life, Perry and his family have worked consistently for social justice through their synagogue and community. Perry will fight for high-paying jobs, gun violence prevention, affordable health care, high-quality education, clean air and water, social security and Medicare, enhanced veterans’ benefits, and an end to our nation's never-ending wars, to name just a few.

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