Sean shaw

Position Sought

Attorney General, Florida



Date of Primary Election

August 28, 2018

Date of General Election

November 6, 2018

Attorney General, Florida

Sean Shaw will stand up to Republicans in Florida. He has promised that if elected in November, he will make the attorney general's office proactive and on the front lines in investigations on opioid abuse, Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban, immigration law enforcement, and unauthorized data use by Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. His top priorities as Florida's attorney general will include pushing for the adoption of commonsense gun safety reforms and enforcing the law to the fullest extent for those found violating Florida's current firearms regulations. As the progressive candidate in the race, Sean is stepping up to be a powerful voice for the residents of Florida. In addition to being endorsed by MoveOn members in the district, Sean has been endorsed by more than 45 members of the Florida Legislature and has received the "Gun Sense Candidate" distinction from Moms Demand Action. In addition, the Police Benevolent Association, the Florida Education Association, AFSCME Florida, the Florida AFL-CIO, Florida Professional Firefighters, the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, United Faculty of Miami Dade College, and the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council have endorsed him for attorney general.

"I am confident that Sean Shaw will pursue criminal justice reform, phase out private prisons, restore rights to former felons, repeal Stand Your Ground and other abuses imposed by past administrations." –Debbie from Sarasota

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