Summer lee

Primary Won!

Position Sought

Pennsylvania State House District 34



Date of Primary Election

May 15, 2018

Pennsylvania State House District 34

Summer is an organizer, an activist, and an advocate for social justice. She is a lifelong resident of the 34th District. She serves on the Woodland Hills Commission on Youth Development and Learning and has worked for increased cultural competency training for teachers, ending armed police presence in schools, and for the school district to address the disproportional punishment of students of color and disabled students compared to other students.

"I have met and spoken with Ms. Lee during her campaign, and she is exactly the sort of young, energetic, inspiring,and progressive candidate we need to move Pennsylvania forward. I would think all MoveOn members in the area would strongly agree with her positions on criminal justice reform, education, the environment, and many others. I believe she will truly represent ALL the people of her district, including many marginalized folks who have not traditionally had their interests protected by the status quo."—Daniel from Pittsburgh

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