Tammy story

Won Election!

Position Sought

Colorado State Senate 16



Date of Primary Election

June 26, 2018

Date of General Election

November 6, 2018

Colorado State Senate District 16

Tammy is a dedicated community activist committed to improving Colorado's schools. She has been fighting to improve Colorado's education system for decades. She has been involved in the JeffCo Association's Legislative Forum and working directly with schools for over 18 years. She took the lead on the 2015 Jefferson County School Board recalls, successfully removing three pro-privatization school board members. At every turn, Tammy has fought to protect and improve Colorado's education system for every child.

"We need dedicated, compassionate, and forward-thinking Democrats like Tammy in our state legislature. The current officeholder, a Republican, is an obstructionist gun-nut who has singlehandedly blocked important legislation and consistently fails to listen to his constituency. This is a key race to turning the Colorado Senate blue and making sure our state meets the challenges we face with a growing population and a hot economy."—Kristin from Morrison

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